What would be the different types of Social Order and layers in an ecology of letters and alphabets?

If the abstract ideas of humans are represented and coded by words and alphabets, let us imagine an 'ecology' of letterforms and type
There are different forces at play in this complex world. Different types of relationships between individual entities make up the life force of this world, and behind each seeming narrative lies another.

What would be the different levels of existence in this 'ecology' ?What kind of relationship between the organisms would shape up these various levels of varying energy,structure and nature?

We closely observe and study this 'ecology' , and the microscope symbolises the methodology and experience of this inquiry of magnifying each layer to reveal further wholistic worlds of varying nature.
This video is part of an installation. It is viewed through a device which will look like a microscope. The viewer turns the knob as if magnifying and triggers another video.
This installation was realised by integrating Aurdino Boards and N810 through a flash player .

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