AJ+ is Al Jazeera's internet exclusive channel focused on millennials that lives primarily on social media platforms and a native app. While working as a creative fellow and a freelance designer, I worked on visualising editorial content, proposing ideas to structure the content on the main website and story boarding video explainers.
Role: Creative Fellowship, Visual Designer, User Experience Designer
Challenge : Optimize design and content style for mobile viewing
Solution: Continuous testing of mobile typography, creating new styles and creating guidelines systems. 
Results: Better visibility, more user engagement

"The people I relate to most is the middle class" – Donald Trump. Hm. Let's think about that for a second.
In parallel to these graphics developed with respect to news events, the channel also delved into longer and indepth coverage resulting in info-graphics optimized for mobile viewing. While working on these stories with the producers, I rearranged the script to create better flow and comprehension. 
Promotional Banners
Monthly themes and other events were supported with graphics and set of material for various platforms. 
Cover image for monthly theme
Documentary Screening Promotion
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