A collection of projects, and experiments that experiments with circuits and programming. 
Expressive Speech Synthesis & Poetry
How could we bring more expressive control to an assistive communication user. Is there a space to add a performative, improvisational possibility for someone who uses text to speech technology as a mode of communication. 
Speech commands to move objects in physical space.
In a scenario where a human pushes buttons to give speech or visual commands to make other humans move things around in space. 
Circuits and Language: Emic2, Makey Makey, Processing
In this version there are markers on the ground showing where each object needs to be moved. 
In this version there is a light projection guiding where each chair needs to be moved
Sound Sculpture in Unity3d
Working with physics simulation and gravity to create unreal virtual sound installations.
C# script to detect the bouncing ball on the surface and trigger audio with a range of variation. 
    AudioSource audio;
    private float vollowRange = 0.9f;
    private float volHighRange = 2.2f;
    public AudioClip bouncesound;

        void Start()
            audio = GetComponent<AudioSource>();
        Debug.Log ("initialized");

    void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other)
        float vol = Random.Range (vollowRange, volHighRange);
        //audio.pitch = Random.Range (1.0F, 1.02F);
        Debug.Log ("Bounce");
        audio.PlayOneShot(bouncesound, vol);
360 Collages
Collages designed to be viewed in a 360 viewer, questioning our ideas of real and virtual spaces. 
Water Bowl Meditation
An interactive installation piece that has generates poetry about water every time you dip a spoon in it. 
Made with Processing and Makey Makey. More info here
String[] s= { 
" constituent of", 
" transparent",
" fluid",
" which form",
" the world's",
" stream",
" lake",
" ocean",
" rain",
" is",
" molecule contains",
" oxygen and two",
" hydrogen atoms in ",
" connected by",
" covalent bonds",
" is a liquid",
" gaseous state",
" steam",
" vapor",
" snow",
" fog",
" has no calories",
" essential to",
" as a solvent",
" evaluate potability",
" evaporation",
" transpiration",
" precipitation",
" refract",
" drought",
" irrigation",
" flood",
" fundamental to",
" greywater",
" sanitation",
" sinks",
" showers",
" dehydration",
" is a huge waterfall",

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