How can one explore qualities and characteristics of abstract forms devoid of meaning and create methods to analyse and control them ?

The process begins by starting with a pair of unexceptional objects from an assortment. In this particular case it was a set of plastic combs and a wooden flexible toy snake.
The repeated lines from the comb became a pattern of interest. The light passing through the comb opened a possibility of exploring and controlling this condition of repeated lines further.
Here the comb and its material cease to become recongizable and the attention moves into the formal qualities and induced sensations of malleable lines in space.
Light faliing through comb
Projected graphics on paper surfaces
Would it be possible to bend and twist these lines like the wooden toy ?
Projector + Long exposure on moving surfaces
Projector + Long exposure on moving surfaces
Moving Lights + Long Exposure
Moving Display Screen + Long Exposure
Projector + Processing + Long Exposure
Projector + Processing + Moving Surface + Long Exposure
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