LowMoe Collective is a design and video studio and a freelance talent network. 
Role: Co-Founder, Project Manager, Creative Direction
Challenge:  A growing number of talented creatives wanted to work as freelancers, whereas clients needed the accountability of a design studio.
Solution: Lowmoe Collective was a unique mix of a creative studio and a talent agency. We created a directory of freelancers, and assembled teams on a project basis. 
Result: During the two years we complete 10+ projects and create shared value amongst all players. 
smART Power, Bangalore for Beginners, Kianga Ford
Commissioned by the Bronx Museum to document the social participative art project of Kianga Ford and collaborate with Rava Films based in NY.  The challenge was to gain the trust of a marginalized group of young people while also capturing meaningful and intimate footage of the process. 
Role : Creative brief, Co-direction, Sound recording
Duration: 1 month
Team : 3-4 members
British Council
Commissioned by the British Council to document their large scale art exhibition called 'Homelands'  and workshops spanning different locations and events. 
Role: Creative brief, Co-direction, Motion Graphics 
Duration: 2 months
Team: 6 members
Vitingo, Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola as part of its social responsibility efforts had created a vitamin supplement drink called vitingo specifically for rural and remote parts of India. The idea was to create an educational and entertaining film that could bring awareness to the health issues. 
Role: Creative brief, Co-direction, Motion Graphics, Finance, Production
Duration : 3 months 
Team: 6 core members, 5 production assistants, 10 actors, 15 extras
Be fund is a micro finance non-profit organisation with a wide reach in India. As part of its new round for international fund raising they commissioned us to find interesting narratives that showcase their impacts amongst those they have already funded. We decided to work with 4 women with different stories and business ideas that succeeded and created positive impact in their communities. 
Role: Creative brief, Co-direction, Motion Graphics, Finance, Production
Duration : 6 months 
Team: 4 core members, 2 production assistants
Pulp Factory 
Pulp factory was on a mission to make recycled material into a style statement. For their brand launch at an event we created a video and photography set and concept. 
Role: Co-direction, Art Direction, Post-production
Featherlite is an office furniture company that wanted to speak directly with the younger audience. 
Role: Co-direction, Art Direction, Story Boarding, Post production
Founding members
The core team consisted of 3 partners and 12 rotating freelancers. 
Bharath Haridas: I led the design projects, client briefs, art direction and motion graphics. I managed teams, client relationships, sound recording, storyboarding and was pulled into different requirements. 
Veecheet Dhakal: Focused on video, cinematography, finances and production. Who currently runs Firiri Films.
Uzair Ahmed:  Facilitated the technology, production and business development

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